In order to achieve permanent positive changes in society and nature, it needs not only  different views of the symptoms, but also new approaches.

With our projects, we are doing exactly that. The advantages of selfless action and the impact on people, environment, companies and society, which equally benefit, are demonstrated.

Our projects invite everybody for active cooperation instead of only providing information. In this way everybody can feel it as an individual experience.


A global family which cares for each other, sharing and supporting each other, so that peace and love is created all over our earth.

As a medical doctor, he now works in his true vocation as a social reformer.

After being enrolled in the medical faculty, he brought the meticulously thought-out construction of the human body to search for the intelligence behind it, the source of this perfection.

Thus the Maitri mission began with the transformation, the crossing of borders, the union of mankind and the unification of nations. In 2013, MaitriBodh Parivaar was finally founded.

Love, peace, selfless service is the way to experience the innermost truth in you,
and even books, rituals, teachings, meditation techniques become completed.

Mitra Kaivalya, a family father, born in London and grown up in Africa and Europe, was inspired by Dadashreeji, social reformer and founder of Maitri Bodh Parivaar, in 2013.

His life based on the 7 principles of “Experience your Excellence. He is the mentor and contact person for Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service projects.

As a businessman, he refers people to the responsibility which we have towards employees, society and nature.