Be Natural is a team of friends who are contact persons for people involved in Selfless Service projects.

If topics are to be discussed which are close to ones heart in order to offer solutions to the problems the future, or if processes are to be accompanied, which can arise during the action in the projects. Through the creation of a protected space, it should be possible to openly address feelings and to fully express oneself, so that a letting go takes place an the inside radiates again.

Project Leader

Jacquline Gusenbauer


My heart is stronger than my mind.

That has always been an important guiding principle in my life. I was born and raised in Krems. For three years I have been an independent kinesiologist, where I accompany and support people to find their inner radiance again, before I was branch manager of a large retail chain. Due to the independence and the work with the people I came more and more into my heart and found together with my husband Andreas and our three children to a great project, where the heart is allowed to speak and act. At the same time, it is important to me that all people in the projects of Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service are well supported and can go this way with ease, joy and enthusiasm. For the right coexistence and the sensitization, in the form of boundaries, to promote individuality, but also silence are very important aspects so that the heart becomes stronger and stronger.

Ida-Sträuli-Straße 69, 8404 Winterthur, Switzerland

+41 43 543 33 58