Clean Planet Concept

Our earth should become free from any garbage. Our goal is to make people aware again that we are guests on this earth.

Nature is our habitat and provides us with everything we need for living.

We live in a symbiosis with the earth. Therefore we want to give something back to the earth instead of just taking and asking for resources.

Through our actions we want to make sure that people again feel a connection with nature, treat it with love and appreciate it.

Vision of Clean Planet

Our goal is to achieve a world-wide ubiquitous, natural, ecological and appreciative handling of Mother Earth, her resources and the living space provided by her.

Mission of Clean Planet

We want to accompany people that they can experience a responsible and loving interaction with nature through selfless service. Selfless service helps to shift the focus from “I” to “We”. This will change our actions and lead to expansion of our consciousness.

How to reach our goal?

Through common selfless actions (selfless service).

When we collect rubbish together, everyone becomes aware of how the earth is treated. This awareness and active dealing with nature leads to a new perspective. This leads to a different way of dealing with its environment and nature.

In this way, we give our followers food for thoughts, an opportunity of doing something together for nature and acting as a role model for other people.


To achieve our goals, we have to act together. That’s why we want to organize various events.

  1. An integral part of the project is the collection of waste together with other people. We meet at a regular basis in certain places. As a team we collect there the garbage lying around and dispose it properly.
  2. After big events we help to clear the places from garbage. These may be festivals or other major events where we operate. It is important for us to be a role model for younger generations and to make people think about the current situation.
  3. Another goal is to educate the youth through visiting schools and to make them aware of the present circumstances of our nature.

We want to give children and young people the opportunity to experience selfless service. Therefore we will explain them the situation today and show them how to do something positive.

The sooner we develop a new awareness of our nature, the better.

Project Leader

Marco Peschak

I became aware of my fascination for our planet and its laws of nature already at school. Even at that time, I was fascinated by the complex processes of nature and I wanted to describe them with the help of physics. So I started studying physics to get deeper in touch with nature.

Every organism, whether plant, animal or human, is unique in its perfection.

Through active engagement with our planet, a deep and strong bond developed between me and nature.

I started to see my surroundings with different eyes. This altered consciousness strengthened my love for our planet.

It is my heart’s desire to offer people the opportunity to witness and experience nature in its perfection.

Each and every one of us holds the future of our planet in his hands!