CORPORATE SERVICES - A joyful place for work

A joyful place for work


How about a workplace where

  • we feel at home,
  • we communicate with each other at the heart level and
  • we give each other the space to unfold our full potential?

A workplace in which

  • we collective support each other and enjoy the achievements of others
  • we recognize the unique qualities of employees, in order to create something great together
  • we carefully deal with each other,
  • we face the challenges of the workplace with joy,
  • we work together instead of working against each other,
  • we grow together instead of competing against each other

Move the focus from “I” to “We”.

How would it be if our workplaces had company gardens where we could recover with nature, where we had retreats or pavillions for meetings? How about a food that nourishes and energizes us, a body healthy and powerful, a clear mind that serves us rather than commands us?

And if we had a good connection with ourselves, recognized our own boundaries, lived in harmony with ourselves and our environment and always acted to the benefit of the whole?


All this is possible!

This is what I wish for companies in future!


2018 15 May

Joy at work

We live in a time, in which topics like Burnout and dissatisfaction are order of the day o

Rathaussaal, Hauptplatz 9, 7400 Oberwart, Burgenland 7:00 pm
2018 04 May

Joy at work

We live in a time, in which topics like Burnout and dissatisfaction are order of the day o

Haus des Stiftens, Landshuter Allee 11, 80637 München 7:00 pm
2018 18 Apr

About Selfless Service

What is Selfless Service. What should I pay attention to and how can I start with it my

Zoom: 7:00 pm
2018 08 Mar

Joy at work

We live in a time, in which topics like Burnout, increasing use of medicaments and dissati

Giesserei, Ida-Sträuli-Straße 71, 8404 Winterthur 7:00 pm

Project LEAD


Opera singer, Yoga Teacher

Born in Salzburg, grew up in Cairo as daughter of an Egyptologist and an Opera singer.

As a child, I spent a lot of time on the excavations of my father. It was nice to see how all the members of the digging team worked together, everyone fulfilled their task with joy and devotion. Meanwhile, the beautiful songs of the local staff were heard again and again. No hierarchies could be felt.

Everyone was equal and equally important. In the evening, the joy of life and gratitude was expressed in form of dancing, singing and eating together. This was natural and self-evident to me.

This memory I would like to share in order to show how fulfilling work can be.

Corporate Modules from Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service

We differentiate ourselves to other offering in our focus on the
wellbeing of staff and management.


Another important factor is how we conduct our workshops.
It is not about infusing content into attendee but working jointly in elaborating topics, doing practical exercises and in the end letting it sink deeply into the consciousness through the meditation.


This leads to a very powerful approach and experience for attendees of our workshops.


Our offering is:

“1st Modul”

Experience your Excellence

Is the core module from Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service.
The 7 principles to access your excellence. Discusses the key principles of developing oneself. Gives in-depth knowledge about each principle,
various exercises and personal findings. Every attendee elaborates his
own unique path to his excellence.

“2d Modul”

Joy at Work

Creating a deep bond with the company, colleagues and yourself.
The happier we are at work, the more productive and successful we are.
You will then enjoy to work with your supervisors, colleagues and staff,
face new challenges on your own initiative and actively contribute to
your corporate and your team. You will outperform with ease and joy.

“3d Modul”

Extract Success out of Nothing

Change your own attitude to tackle challenges with serenity and take
The more positive our attitude to the challenges in life, the easier it
is for us to master situations with an inner faith. You are then ready
to take more responsibility with joy and will move forward with
enthusiasm to move things. With ease, you grow through your own
solutions and are a role model through a dedicated attitude.

“4th Modul”

The Power Within

Discover hidden potentials for personal development, develop new ways
of acting and become a role model.
The more we live our naturalness, our talents and potentials and thus
our vocation, the happier and more productive we are in our profession.
You get engaged and enthusiastically into the corporate, make a
significant contribution to the success of the company and are fulfilled
by your work.