GIVE JOY - Why it is worthwhile to give time

Time for those who once gave us their time

 With the “Give Joy” project, we want to motivate people to share their time with others. In many areas of our society, here is often professionally and privately a lack of time. This is precisely where we want to start, take this need seriously and particularly spend time with lonely people.

Once a month we visit retirement homes all over Europe and design afternoons on a variety of topics. Depending on need and desire, e.g. we tell stories to inhabitants, listen to them, walk together, play music – have fun together and are there for each other. This quality of coexistence comes very deeply from our hearts, a completely natural human act without any expectations. This “natural being” creates magical moments and deep peace arises. We want to inspire many people to go beyond themselves, to be ready to do something for others and to live their wonderful lives.

Do not loose precious time, just donate it, we create a change of consciousness and values together!

Project Leader

Sabine Mühle

I was born in Germany, grew up in Steiermark, and worked as an assistant in the private business sector for many years. I have always been fascinated by encounters with people of different characters, their thoughts, feelings and their actions. So through questions I got more and more on my way that finally led to myself.

Due to different areas, including my current profession of Conversiology, it was an intention of mine, to develop my skills, to express my talents and to be in accordance with my nature.

To be someone who is happy and at the same time bring happiness to others.

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Our Recent Activities

„Homeless activities“ Europe

One-seventh of humanity, according to United Nations estimates, does not have adequate housing. 100 million people are homeless.

We want to give these people not only warmth but also our attention!