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One-seventh of humanity, according to United Nations estimates, does not have adequate housing. 100 million people are homeless. They live in informal settlements, emergency shelters, on the streets, build simple shelters or at best live with relatives and friends.

No sleeping space, no food, no money – for the people every day it is a struggle for survival, especially in the cold season.


Another initiative by Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service will begin over the next few days to collect blankets and sleeping bags for the homeless over Europe. We will distribute them to the homeless people at various places in the cities of Zurich, Winterthur, Darmstadt, Munich, Brussel, Vienna, Copenhagen and Graz around Christmas with hot drinks and cookies.

We want to give these people not only warmth but also our attention. Each one of us can be the person who is taking the first step to make a change in this world, so let us create that change together and create moments of joy.

If you would like to support us in your hometown, please contact us under the following email address: to inform you about the corresponding collection points in the respective cities.

We very much thank you for your help and support!

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