HUMAN TRANSFORMATION - With love back into a new life

A house and garden to feel good

For all people in need who are temporarily or permanently without housing, we want to create a special place embedded in nature. This place should encourage people to develop themselves and to live together in harmony.We want to create a home for collective cooperation and selfless action.

We want to create a home for collective cooperation and selfless action.

In this way, our residents could find a new way of living, independence and a self-determined life in society.

For the well-being of the individuals in the community, it is important to live in a place which optimally supports both, the private needs and the needs of the community.

Sharing love and joy

People without housing often experience rejection and exclusion in our society. In most cases, they do not have a stable social environment and are therefore hard to reintegrate into society.

With this project, we want to give them the opportunity to experience love and joy and to share with each other, through selfless action from the bottom of our hearts.

Through natural action from the heart and without expectation, an enormous force unfolds. It helps to expand the angle of view, to experience new opportunities, to grow inwardly and to experience new life.

We also want to involve the families of the affected people (holistic approach).

Project Leader


I was born and raised in Germany. Currently I work as a chemical engineer in the industry.

My own experience showed me how difficult life in our society could be when you do not have or find a regular social environment. Very early in my life I felt a deep compassion with the people on the street, who live among us without any natural social contacts and most of them with addiction.

I feel a deep joy and love within me, that I want to share with all people, especially with those in need.

Therefore, I am deeply grateful that I get this opportunity within the framework of Mitra Kaivalya Selfless Service!