IN TUNE WITH NATURE - A humanity that lives and acts in harmony with nature

Healthy nutrition

We would like to invite people to live with the power of nature and to act on nature´s model. Our focus is on promotion of healthy food and the design of natural habitats.

Our goal is to promote awareness of natural vital products and to make healthy foods more attractive again. Many people are already cultivating vegetables or cereals for themselves or pay attention where the food comes from. We want to create landscapes with a good energy field and produce high-quality food. This food should give people strength and primarily, a feeling for healthy and vital products. It is an experience in addition that these products will sharpen our senses.

Design of natural habitats

Our natural oasis should support the people, to live their naturalness and to act out of the heart again.

These places should serve relaxation, inspiration and energy recharge/recovery. Primarily the places invite to simply stay in natural being and to come into contact with yourself and the life-giving environment. We design our plants using natural geometry, corresponding modeling, with water areas and plant diversity. We want to offer this project to private parties, companies as well as to public organizations.

An excerpt of our activities:

  • Construction of natural oasis as energy gardens with cultivation areas
    for high-quality food
  • Natural design of company gardens
  • Restoration of meadows and cultivation land with a focus on
    humus construction
  • Promote awareness for circular economy
  • Mixed cultures and natural diversity



Project Leader


In many years of my professional practice in a large corporation, I have worked a lot in project teams as well as in leadership and learned much about social and human values. Over the past few years, my interests have shifted more and more to humanity and, in general, to a holistic expansion of consciousness.

My heart primarily beats for nature and I would like to strengthen my contribution in this field in the future.

Nature shows us a life in bondage, a life full of diversity and teaches us to live with each other, to follow our true inner destiny and to accept the individuality of everyone. With this attitude, we reap the joy of life and strength for a better coexistence.

Each one of us is responsible for shaping our future. Our consciousness is decisive for the things which will show up in our world.

Our Gardens Projects